New Music Out Soon
We've been experimenting with new sound textures and these will be
featured in our new tunes different  Instruments
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Refried Ice Cream
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
@ Club 101 with
Refried Ice Cream
Refried Ice Cream at the El Paso Coliseum
Hands of Love and
Hope @ Club 101
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Refried's New Album is out
now on Team-Love
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4 Star Review of Witness to the Storm in the
January 30th Sunday Times of London!!!
Best of Refried Ice Cream out Now...
Refried Connection to the New
LADY GAGA Video of
Born This Way
Refried Ice Cream's shows at
Stubb's BBQ in Austin during the
Austin City Limits Festival
and at Tricky Falls in El Paso  
went great! Thanks go out to
Conor Oberst and Bright Eyes and
the fantastic Audiences. We'll
have video up soon.
Alex and Victoria of Beach House
...Just Try Hulda Clark's Zapper diagram in
her books about Curing all Cancers...
Also, People, Please lets get rid of this
Super-PAC Business people have invented..
We are supporting a "sell Your President for
the Highest Dollar" Reallity!!
Refried at
Tricky Falls
Refried Live at Stubb's BBQ in
Austin Texas Photos Click Here
Refried Ice Cream Live at
Hotel Vegas, in Austin, TX with
Kay Leotard and 100 voices.
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Electrick Children
Movie Sound
track with Refried
track - Vampires
Refried Ice Cream Opened For Conor
Oberst  Live at  Tricky Falls in El Paso,
Texas on Monday, Sept. 22nd 7:30 pm, and
the Sunshine Theater in Aburquerque,
New Mexico Sept. 23rd, 2014
The shows were great! Thank You Conor
and Crew and the awesome audiences!
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West Texas Psychadelic Blues